TJ’s Daily Photo #21- Angela Smith

The Daily Photo #21- January 21st, 2016

Angela Smith

Angela Smith by TJ Hansen
1/160th @ f/8.0, ISO 160

Meet Angela. our Imaging Specialist. She is the master of printers, paper, ink, and screen calibration, among other things. It is a great time to get into printing, and she will help you through the whole process and help you find what you need.

This shot was lit with a 22″ beauty dish as the key light, with a gridded stripbox to the right. The beauty dish had a grid on it, also. which helped give her skin that soft, almost painterly light.The background was lit with the Profoto Magnum Reflector.

Hahaha, I forgot to write f/8 after @.
Hahaha, I forgot to write f/8 after @.

Gear used:

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