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TEDx Portraits Gallery Show March 18th with Spencer Lookabaugh and Angela Smith

Editor’s Note: The MPEX Learning Studio is proud to present an evening with the artists, Spencer Lookabaugh and Angela Smith.  Click here to register for the free open house, Friday, March 18th to hear the artists talk about the work and the process of getting these large format portraits produced. Written by Spencer Lookabaugh Through November of 2015 […]

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TJ’s Daily Photo #29- Constantly Lighting

Brandon Heiss from Westcott Lighting came to The Learning Studio to give a class on continuous light for portraiture. Brandon has a gift for teaching that makes it really easy to learn lighting techniques. It was a really fun class with all types of lighting setups. Constant light is great for both video and stills, so seeing what […]

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LED Lights get Flex-ABLE with Jem Schofield of theC47.com

LED LIGHTS GET FLEX-ABLE This a guest blog post by Jem Schofield. I love light! I am borderline obsessed with the subject. I probably spend more time looking at, studying, and controlling light than anything else that I do. I work with natural light and with many types of lighting fixtures, including LEDs. LED lighting […]

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Hands-On with the Westcott Zeppelin

By Spencer Lookabaugh This image is from a fashion shoot that I did recently while testing out the incredible Westcott 59″ Zeppelin Parabolic Softbox. This modifier is fantastic for full body portraits because of its large size. This helps to maintain even, soft lighting while the modifier can stay far out of frame. A Profoto B1 […]

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The Daily Photo #9- Annie Patton

The Daily Photo #9- January 9th 2016, Annie Patton   This is Annie. When she isn’t filling web orders and chatting with customers on our website, she is very busy being endlessly friendly, upbeat, and just fun to be around. Annie will always brighten your day with a smile and a laugh, so if you ever on our LiveChat […]

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8 Questions for Westcott Top Pro Jen Rozenbaum

Midwest photo is super excited to be hosting the 8 Points of Posing for Boudoir and Beyond workshop by Jen Rozenbaum, on September 10th, 2015. This workshop is all about posing techniques and workflow tricks to make boudoir photography profitable and inspiring. Jen will show us her techniques for posing and how the order of poses helps streamline the workflow […]

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Spice Things Up with The Westcott Eyelighter

For years my family and friends have been my photography subjects. It’s typical for me to say, “STOP! The light looks really good right here, let me take a picture!”. One family member, however, hasn’t let me ever photograph her. I’ve asked and I’ve begged my older sister, Emily, to be my subject, but she’s […]

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“Hard Work Beats Talent Every Time” or How Joel Grimes Took Over the World

Joel Grimes is a nice guy. Joel Grimes is down to earth. Joel Grimes works pretty hard.  These descriptions are all tremendous understatements. He does everything to the best of his ability, and he doesn’t quit.  Midwest Photo and The Learning Studio recently had the privilege of hosting Joel on his ‘Start to Finish’ tour, where he […]

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MPEX Newsletter: 3rd Annual Midwest Photography Expo!

The 3rd annual Midwest Photography Expo is quickly approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. What’s the Midwest Photography Expo (or, as we lovingly refer to it, the MPEXPO)? The MPEXPO is a three-day photographic extravaganza, featuring a full tradeshow with more than 25 photo-gear companies represented; over 30 classes and workshops covering […]

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Photo Frosh Photo Challenge #6: Low Angle

The Photo Frosh Photo Challenge is a newbie’s attempt to complete all thirty of these prompts while (hopefully) learning something in the process. Ever since the LP180 was announced, I’ve been getting manual flash fever. I don’t really use flash, like ever, but I’ve been wanting to learn manual OCF, so why not now when we have the best […]

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