TJ’s Daily Photo #29- Constantly Lighting

Perspective Control
1/100 f/4 ISO 800. Check out how the computer screen to the right and the projector screen are on the same plane of focus.

Brandon Heiss from Westcott Lighting came to The Learning Studio to give a class on continuous light for portraiture. Brandon has a gift for teaching that makes it really easy to learn lighting techniques. It was a really fun class with all types of lighting setups. Constant light is great for both video and stills, so seeing what some really nice continuous lights can do is always cool. You can do a whole lot with todays LED’s and new lights like the Westcott Flex Light. Gone are the days of heavy, hot lights… it’s a new world in the realm of continuous lighting.

I was shooting with a Nikon D750 from the rental department and a vintage Nikkor 28mm f/4 PC lens that we have in the Used Department right now. The PC stands for perspective control, which means you can shift the lens’ perspective and correct vertical lines, etc. I shifted all the way to the right, and if you look closely you can see where the line of focus is in the picture. It’s not where you would expect, although the effect would be way more noticeable if it wasn’t so dark in the room. Oh, and yeah, that is Spencer up in there.

Westcott and cut out
1/160 f/4 ISO 800. That’s a Westcott TD6 Spider light and a 12×36 stripbox with an egg crate grid… I photobombed it.
Westcott and ice light
1/160 f/4 ISO 800. The Ice Light 2 is super bright and gives a really soft, beautiful light.
Westcott and head off
1/125 f/4 ISO 800
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