TJ’s Daily Photo #28- Jessica McMullen

The Daily Photo #28 – January 28th, 2016

Jessica McMullen


1/200 f/8 at ISO 160.
1/200 f/8 at ISO 160.

Meet Jessica. Jessica is the Education and Commercial Support Specialist at the shop. If you need a lot of gear for the right price, Jessica will get you set up. She works to support educational institutions and commercial clients with the support they need when it is time to upgrade their gear. Jessica is also a photographer, like most of our staff, so she really knows her stuff. Oh, and she is really nice, too.

To light this shot, I used a gridded LumoPro 22″ beauty dish as the main light, a 12×36 stripbox with grid as a fill for the right side of her hair, and a Magnum Reflector for the background light. The tricky thing with a beauty dish is that, most of the time, it needs to be positioned right above and in front of the subject. This can make it tricky to get your camera into the position that you want, and can limit the range of angles that you can shoot from. The way to get around this is to boom the light out form the right or left.

In this case, I used a LumoPro C-Stand with a 40″ arm attached to a grip head. The grip head is the piece that attaches the 40″ arm to the top of the c-stand. This set up allowed a clear view of Jessica, without a lightstand in the way. Without the boom arm to get the c-stand out of the shot, I may have been restricted to a headshot only, with no ability to get a wider frame.

1/200 f/8 at ISO 160.
1/200 f/8 at ISO 160.

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