TJ’s Daily Photo #15- Casey

The Daily Photo #15- January 15th, 2016.


By TJ Hansen
1/200 sec. @f/8, ISO 160

Casey is the Nikon Specialist and Used Equipment Manager at Midwest. He knows a whole lot about Nikon gear and vintage cameras, and vinyl records, so bring in your classics to sell, or just come in to chat about the next lens you need. He’s got a cerebral, absurdist sense of humor, so come with the off-the-wall stuff and he’ll catch what you’re throwing down.

The set up here was similar to previous posts, with two LumoPro 12×36 gridded softboxes, and a magnum reflector on the background set to 5 on the zoom range. The softbox on the left is positioned horizontally, while the right-hand strip is vertical for the edge highlight. The horizontal strip, although gridded was angled slightly downward to get a little fill on the front area of the photo.

1/200 sec. @f/8, ISO 160
1/200 sec. @f/8, ISO 160

Gear used:

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TJ Hansen

Photographer at

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