TJ’s Daily Photo #14- Julie in Winter

The Daily Photo- January 14th, 2016.

Julie in Winter

By TJ Hansen
2.0 sec @ f/14, ISO 200
This is Julie. She is a photographer and videographer, a patient model, and a person who values being warm. Her coat is made of the warmest and faux-est furs. She helps assist in the Learning Studio, so if you take a Photo 101 class, you say hello and shake her hand.

Today’s shot consists of just two speedlights, with no light modifiers and some rope LED lights. I set up a flash hitting a black backdrop at a 35mm zoom to give the edge definition to her dark coat. The main or key light on her face was a bare LP180 zoomed into 105mm, at 1/8th power.

I wanted the harder light of unmodified speedlights combined with a long exposure to get those orange streaks. The rope LED lights are near the ceiling are just out of frame. I was in First Curtain Sync flash mode on the camera, so as soon as the flash went off I was free to move the camera in any way for the remaining  exposure time. Here I chose an orange rain effect.

Diagram #14

Gear used:

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TJ Hansen

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