Tj’s Daily Photo #13- Adam Slane

The Daily Photo- January 13th, 2016.

Adam Slane

!/200 sec @f/10, ISO 160.
!/200 sec @f/10, ISO 160.

Adam Slane’s specialty is helping our commercial clients and education institutions get what they need at the right price. He also happens to be the Sam Elliot of Midwest Photo. He sees the big picture, has an air of calm about him, and occasionally looks into the camera and breaks the fourth wall.

To light this shot I used a Profoto Magnum reflector, LumoPro 22″ beauty dish, and a gridded LumoPro 12X36 stripbox. The key light on his face is the Magnum Reflector, which gives you control over the spread of light, and a a really nice, harder feel to the light. The stripbox has a grid on it,  and is creating the rim light on his right side. I used the beauty dish, actually, as the background light to get more of a round light on the backdrop.

Diagram #13

Gear used:

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