The Daily Photo #11- Spencer Lookabaugh

The Daily Photo #11- January 11th, 2016.

Spencer Lookabaugh

By Tj Hansen
1/160th sec. @ f/9.0 ISO 160.

This is Spencer. He is a young guy with a lot of knowledge and talent. Barely twenty years old,  Spencer contributes to this blog, writes for, and does freelance photography. And he works at Midwest Photo Exchange. And he goes to college. Check out his posts on this blog and check out his website.

This was a very simple setup.  Just two 12 X36 stripboxes with grids, on either side and one light on the background. the background light was  turned way down, just enough power to bring the background to just brighter than black.

1/160th sec. @ f/9.0 ISO 160.
1/160th sec. @ f/9.0 ISO 160.

You can carefully place light on a subject with controlled light like gridded stripboxes. Although, it can take some work to get it just right. The slightest change in distance to the light and the subject’s exposure can vary widely. When the strip is closer to the subject the light is softer and it falls off very quickly, but when it is farther away, the light is a little harder. That is true of all light sources, but the effect is stronger with gridded lights.

Gear used:

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