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Speedlight Teardown: Why Quality Matters

This is a guest blog post by Mike Bock, Product Specialist at LumoPro. Today’s flash market offers a wide variety of options for anyone looking to dip a toe in the off-camera flash pool. While there are plenty of things to consider while shopping for a speedlight, one factor that doesn’t always receive the most […]

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TJ’s Daily Photo #14- Julie in Winter

The Daily Photo- January 14th, 2016. Julie in Winter This is Julie. She is a photographer and videographer, a patient model, and a person who values being warm. Her coat is made of the warmest and faux-est furs. She helps assist in the Learning Studio, so if you take a Photo 101 class, you say hello and shake […]

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No Studio? No Problem: Using Rogue Products Anywhere

Many photographers today do a lot of their photography work on location. This can get tricky with bulky, expensive equipment.  Rogue came up with a few videos on how a few speedlights and their products can help transform your photography! If you’re a photographer on a budget, this is a great alternative to buying strobes.  […]

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