Why Your Memory Card Matters: A Look Inside Your Camera

“It doesn’t matter what memory card I have. They all do the same thing, right?”

This is a common misconception among camera users, one that I actually believed. I’d always buy the more “affordable” brands until I realized what a professional and faster-speed memory card could do for me. I’ve had memory cards become corrupt and I’ve lost all my files before. After losing my files, I now pay close attention to memory card details and differences between read and write speeds as well as overall brand quality.

Recently, I’ve used Lexar Professional Memory Cards. I didn’t think I’d see a difference in speed or workflow, but I was pleasantly surprised with how fast the memory card was able to read and write. For someone like me who gets trigger-happy during a photo shoot or concert, this memory card is able to keep up with me. Also, after a shoot, I usually spend a lot of time on transferring documents to my computer, especially RAW files. The speed of my Lexar card and card reader allowed me to quickly upload into Lightroom and move on with editing.

So what is your memory card actually doing? Lexar put together some videos showing the process of making a memory card and what is actually happening inside your camera when you take a picture.

Take a look!

Next time you’re looking to buy a memory card, make sure you look at all the specs and understand what your memory card can offer you. Also check for memory card warranties and file recovery software that may come with the product (Lexar offers Image Rescue software on their cards in order to retrieve deleted or damaged files).

Not sure which memory card is right for you? Check out our previous post on selecting the right memory card.


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