TJ’s Daily Blog #68- High Contrast Streets, Part 2

The Daily Blog #68

High Contrast Streets, Part 2

1/640 @ f/16 ISO 400
1/640 @ f/16 ISO 400. Smoke break.


1/640 @ f/16 ISO 1600
1/640 @ f/16 ISO 1600. Lunch break.


1/500 @ f/8 ISO 400
1/500 @ f/8 ISO 400. Reflection.


When shooting street photography I try to practice looking. I am looking for everything and nothing in particular, all at once. I know it sounds out there, but I am looking for light, angles, gesture, and singular moments. It could be something very simple, or a complex, layered shot. You never really know until you are there and see where your eye takes you. All while trying to have a clear mind. Street photography can be difficult and demoralizing. If you have the wrong energy and movements out there, it can even be intimidating. For that reason it is important to you stay on your toes, keep your mind clear, your wits about you.

Also, it is not every day that you go out and find an amazing and unique shot out there. What you can do is try to get that great shot, and sometimes you can get lucky. In street photography, you create your own luck. You can’t get the shot if you aren’t out shooting, looking, and seeing. I think of every chance I get to shoot as practice, and when something does work it is a bonus! I don’t let it get me too down when I return home with nothing that interests me. It happens and it is just the nature of the beast.

One thing that I believe about photography is that if you shoot as much as you can, it is inevitable that you will start to find the shots you are looking for. If you are not looking for anything, the you will eventually find what to look for. All you can really hope for is progression. Keep practicing.

Keep shooting.

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