Photo Frosh: “30-Day” Challenge #2 – Rule of Thirds

The second challenge in Expert Photography’s 30 Day Challenge was Rule of Thirds.

I was thinking that this one would be easy. After all, the rule of thirds is basically the first thing anyone learns about composition in photography. I remembered that much from the one and only photography class I’d ever taken, which was back in high school. “Rule of thirds” just looks right in a photo. I don’t know if that’s a natural psychological thing, or if rule of thirds has been trained into our brains from the countless amount of images that adhere to it, but it just looks natural.

For people, it seems that the easiest way to abide by the rule of thirds is to get one of the eyes at the intersecting point, usually the top left or the top right, depending on which way the subject’s facing. Take, for instance, this photo of my brother:

Yeah, I know it’s not the greatest photo, but you get the point. His right eye is in the top left intersecting point.

I decided to try to find the rule of thirds in some photos of my environment.

Maybe not the most successful challenge, but I think I passed.

What do you folks think?

Midwest Photo

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