TJ’s Daily Photo #16- Tiffany Wilson

The Daily Photo #16- January 16th, 2016.

Tiffany Wilson

By TJ Hansen
Tiffany Wilson. 1/200 @ f/10, ISO 200.

Meet Tiffany, a photographer and videographer here in Columbus. She is full of positive energy, so I wanted some highlights and brighter tones in the picture, but I didn’t want high-key light. I wanted to keep some muted tones and color and maintain contrast against the white side of the background.

In front of a plain white wall, I used LP180 in a 24″ Promaster Softbox angled so it feathered off onto the wall to make a bit of a gradient behind her head. I used my second LP180 to brighten the wall on the left side. I aimed the flash at the wall, shooting through a diffusion disc from a 42″ 5-in-1  Promaster Reflector. I barely edged the light on to her face on the left side, giving the slight, soft highlights and muted light, with detail in the shadows.

The reflector disc was actually 42″, not 52″. : P

Gear used:

Thanks, Tiffany!

TJ Hansen

Photographer at

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  1. I really enjoyed just hanging out after a class and learning how TJ went about setting up and tweaking the lighting to get the image of Tiffany! I’m inspired to try some new ideas based on what I gained from this time. Thanks to Tiffany and the others who also were interested in improving their craft.

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