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This week we’re featuring some of Rick Gerrity’s work with Lumix before he comes and teaches this Saturday.  Rick is a Luminary with Lumix and will be talking about various topics on Saturday including review of camera features and composition.  You can find the original blog post here:

“How I Used 4K Photo Mode to get the Shots at the  New York City Triathlon”

I’ve just completed an assignment for Panasonic to photograph the New York City Triathlon event which took place in Manhattan, mostly Central Park. It was an awesome day, and very inspiring to see so many t2alented athletes. I shot with a LUMIX GH4, and employed the 4K Photo mode to get some of the shots. Using this mode enabled me to quickly capture just the right moment, and quickly share the images. The action moves quickly, from the early morning waves of starters jumping into the Hudson River, to the bicycle sprints, to the running events which end up at the finishing line. It was a long day, and lots of chasing around from one point to the next as I checked off the shot list I was provided.  I carried two bodies with fully charged batteries, one with the Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8 lens and the other with the Lumix 35-100mm f/2.8.  Using the 4K Photo mode at the fishing line was very useful, as I could capture just the right moment needed. Here’s how it works:  With the camera set to 4k Photo mode, I’m capturing 30 frames per second… 4much faster than the 12 frames per second of the burst rate in normal still capture mode. I record a couple of seconds of video and then play back the clip on the display on the back of the camera. I can scrub through the video using the control buttons then when I find the frame that I want to use, I hit the OK button and it saves the images as an 8 megapixel file to the camera card. The image has all of the metadata included just like a regular photo (as would any frame pulled from the clip). Now here’s the best part… I used the camera’s wifi capability to send the images to my smartphone and then I posted to social media and emailed selected images to my client. What could be better?  Actually, there is an even better way with the new enhance 4K Photo mode on the newest Lumix cameras including the G7 model. NYC Marathon Finish 4K PhotoThe enhanced 4K Photo modes allow you to use your finger and just swipe across the screen to select the frame and save. It takes just a second and is so much easier. This is simply changing the way that I create images and the ability to share via wifi is an added bonus.

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