The Daily Photo #3- Big Man Japan

Big Man Japan

TDP Big Man Japan

1/800 sec. f/14, ISO 125

This was a pretty simple setup, but he key was High Speed Sync. High Speed Sync allows you to use a shutter speed that is higher than your camera’s stated flash sync speed. The 5d Mark III that I used can sync with flash at 1/200th of a second. Using HSS, I was able to sync the flash with the camera at 1/800 off a second and use that faster shutter, low ISO, and small aperture to reduce the bright sunshine in the sky, while still retaining some of the texture of the clouds.

The flash was bare, camera left on TTL mode. The flash was manually zoomed to 105mm to focus the light on his face and upper body.

Gear used:

Thanks to @bigmanjapan!

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