The Daily Photo #4- 34 Years


TDP #4, January 4th, 2016.

34 Years.

ISO 1600, 3.2 sec. @ f/8
ISO 1600, 3.2 sec. @ f/8

We were doing some test shots around midnight, as it turned to my birthday, January 4th. This sort of represented to me the shedding the last year, both 2015 and my own 33rd year.

TDP Diagram #4It was achieved by using a long exposure of 3.2 seconds, and using a flash to freeze my image in the center. The camera was set to ‘Second Curtain Sync’. This means that the flash did not fire until the end of the exposure, instead of the beginning. Second Curtain Sync allows light trails to be behind the subject when movement is being captured in a long exposure, as opposed to before the subject, like in ‘First Curtain Sync’. (Check your camera manual, or call the shop to see how you can change your cameras flash sync mode.)

In my hands, I held two iPhones with the LED lights on. I shined the iPhone lights onto either side of my face while I moved left and right, to illuminate the sides of my face and show the movement and blur. Then, before the end of the 3.2 seconds, I stood straight so the flash would freeze my image in the center.  My LP180 was set just camera right at 1/8 power and 35mm zoom.

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