Guest Blog: Motion Control Time-Lapse with Fabian Lackner and Syrp

Beating Heart of Europe

 An Alpine Time Lapse Movie

Beating Heart of Europe will be the first time lapse movie showing all of the most famous and beautiful parts of the Alps. The Dolomites in Italy, Mont Blanc (highest of the Alps) in France, Matterhorn and Aletschgletscher (biggest glacier within the Alps) and the beautiful National Park Hohe Tauern in Austria will be the main parts of the project. The release date should be around the end of August or beginning of September 2016.

How did I get there?

When I was 14 years old, I held my first own camera in my hands and I didn’t really realized what would happen about 5 or 6 years from there. As a kid growing up in the middle of nowhere between high mountains I was always fascinated by nature, weather, and wildlife within the Alps. I enjoy living here and couldn’t imagine to live in a loud and dirty city.

The Beauty of The Alps

After years of photography (nature and architecture photography mostly) I wanted to try something new. And when I saw the first time lapse movie on the internet I absolutely knew what I wanted to start next. So I made a first time lapse film about the mountains and lakes around my place called “Austria in a Symphony”. It got some thousands of clicks, but I wasn’t really about the clicks, because I knew I could do something better and this only was a first try. So I was planning a new project – about the Alps – again, but bigger and even better.

The Syrp Genie let’s you control motion from many angles.

I also was looking for a new sponsor, because of the equipment to get these very special and smooth time lapse scenes – and of course because I’m a poor student just trying to make his dreams come true which would be only possible with the right partners. So I was very happy and amazed to get SYRP as a sponsor of the project and future projects as well. It’s amazing to work with the Genie and all the other products – easy to use, very lightweight (this is really important for me, because I do lots of hiking) and producing wonderful results. There is nothing better than seeing the result from hours of working on a finished 6 second sequence at the end of a long day.

The Genie is programmable using an app and your smart phone. No confusing math or deep learning curve.

I want to show films like “Beating Heart of Europe” to the world to remind them how beautiful nature is, or just to make somebody in the office forget about the hundreds of e-mails for a couple of minutes. And of course, my dream would be to get a professional film producer for time lapses, documentaries and maybe a blockbuster one day. We will see… there are many plans in my brain waiting to get realized.

– Fabian Lackner

“Beating Heart Of Europe” is my second nature time lapse project I’m working on. In 2015, I shot many scenes showing the Austrian and Italian Alps. In 2016 I’ve planned to go to the Swiss and French Alps – so at the end this movie should be an Alpine time lapse movie showing the most beautiful landscapes all over the Alps. Click here for Fabian’s Vimeo page!
Gear used:

Find out more about Syrp here or stop into the shop to get your hands on the motion control system that is changing the

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  1. Is this true for the “big Genie also as it says in the text?… “The Genie is programmable using an app and your smart phone. No confusing math or deep learning curve. ” Isn’t that only the “Mini-Genie”?

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