Ohio Statehouse Photowalk

Last weekend, we held our first ever Ohio Statehouse Photowalk. The turnout was great and so were the photos (which you can check out at our Flickr page). I personally brought a Canon 5D Mark III and an EF 16-35mm F/2.8L lens. I knew there would be some low-light situations (without a tripod, which was my personal decision, as the Statehouse allowed them in the building) and I wanted to make the best of it with the Mark III’s powerful ISO and a fast lens.

Overall, I was pretty happy with my images. Interior architectural photography doesn’t necessarily capture my imagination as much as, say, landscapes and portraits, but I was definitely pleased with the quality of the images. That being said, it was an interesting challenge, and I at least captured a few images I was happy with, which I’ve shared below.

That’s what I like about our photowalks: they give me a reason to go outside my comfort zone and push my limits. Looking at the other images our attendees captured, I’m inspired to return to the Statehouse at some point and try to do better.

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I also wanted to thank State Rep. Anne Gonzales for accompanying us on the floor of the House Chamber to capture some really cool shots. I also wanted to give Rep. Bill Patmon a shout-out for the awesome Superman figurine on his desk.

Miss out on the Statehouse? Join us next month when we return to the Short North.












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