TJ’s Daily Photo #30- Looking for Light

The Daily Photo #30- January 30th, 2016

Looking for Light

looking for light
1/160 @ f/7.1 ISO 100
The descending afternoon sun looks great when it bounces off of a reflective surface, and the ‘golden hour’ sun can come from the opposite direction than you expect. I am always on the lookout for reflections and unexpected shadows Today, right outside The Learning Studio was exactly that. Not groundbreaking photos, or portfolio work, but a lesson learned on light. I keep in practice by shooting what attracts my eye, hopefully everyday. Shooting without a predetermined plan or subject in mind does two things for me: first, it helps keep my creativity and eye tuned up, and second, it tends to show me what my eye is looking for. When I go outside with a camera in my hand, I will just shoot the light that catches my eye. In photography, the light is the thing.

That might make for boring photos to some people, but when you get used to looking for light, it will make your photos that have a more interesting subject that much better. I find that the angle, direction, and quality of the light seems to influence the kind of things that I shoot. For me, photography is about constantly becoming more and more aware of the light, and getting more sensitive to it. Becoming more sensitive to light makes the act of shooting much more intuitive and ultimately more enjoyable. And photography should stay enjoyable. 

Gear used:

Nikon D750 FX Body

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.4G

Lexar 32GB Professional 633x UHS-I SDHC Memory Card

See you tomorrow.


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