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Gear for a “Same-Day-Edit” Wedding Video by Brad Seidenfeld of Oceanwide Studios

Gear for a Same Day Wedding Edit by Oceanwide Studios This is a guest blog post by Brad Seidenfeld of Oceanwide Studios. Check out Oceanwide Studios website to see more of their work! Normally, we always are shooting our Canon C100s and C300s because of the wonderful images and great dynamic range. But, because we were delivering […]

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TJ’s Daily Photo #30- Looking for Light

The Daily Photo #30- January 30th, 2016 Looking for Light The descending afternoon sun looks great when it bounces off of a reflective surface, and the ‘golden hour’ sun can come from the opposite direction than you expect. I am always on the lookout for reflections and unexpected shadows Today, right outside The Learning Studio was […]

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The ART of Sharpness: Sigma Redefines the 50mm Prime lens

The Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art lens is a high-resolution lens that brings all the crisp detail, sharpness, ‘bokeh’, and feel of a luxury lens, for less than luxury price. This lens is single-handedly bringing the glamour back to the 50mm focal length and the prime lens in general. Zoom lenses may be the workhorse of a lot […]

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