Gearing Up: Nikon D50 Infrared Converted

Infrared photography can produce amazing, somewhat surreal results, no matter what subject you’re capturing. Most of the time, photographers will use an infrared filter on their lens, which will block light of a non-IR wavelength from entering the lens and the camera. However, the problem with many IR filters is that you won’t be able to gain focus (at least, autofocus) with the IR filter on the front of your lens.

Enter the Nikon D50 Infrared Converted, which we carry in our rentals department.


The Nikon D50IR removes the issues of focusing, and the cost associated with an IR lens filter, by placing a filter over the camera’s sensor, not the lens. It’s a tricky but fairly simple process, and we’ve done it to one of our Nikon D50 for you!

Say you want to take a camera out on a nature walk, or you simply want to get a different look in your nighttime photos. Try out our Nikon D50IR. It’s inexpensive. It’s fun. It’s noncommittal.

infrared 1

infrared 3

infrared 2

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  1. You may want to publish a photoshop recipe to make IR pictures more like the ones you see (blue-red channel substitution, various filters and color layers).

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