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Jayesunn Krump is an internationally published photographer and educator based in Portland, Oregon. You can find Jayesunn’s work at

The LP605M is a new multipurpose light stand from LumoPro. The stand can extend to 7.5 feet tall with five sections, four metal locking collars, and has the unique feature of doubling as a monopod. This stand is based off of the LumoPro LP605, as you might have guessed from the model name. It can collapse down to about 24.5 inches, and weighs in at only 3.5 pounds.

LP605M Collapsed

It is super compact and light. These are two characteristics that normally mean the stand is weak, but in this case that could not be farther from the truth. This is one super durable aluminum stand, and I never think twice about mounting any of my gear on it. It is a rock solid stand.

I have always been a huge fan of the original LP605 stand. The lightweight build, sturdy design, and excellent material strength are beyond compare. One of my favorite features that carries over to the LP605M is the ground spikes.

LP605 7.5ft Compact Stand New 4

Each of the light stand feet have folding spikes on the end that you can fold out and use to secure the stand into the ground when you are shooting outside on location. When I get to a location and open my hardware bag, this is the first stand that I take out every time. Needless to say this has been my go-to stand as a location photographer since its release.

Now we have the next evolution of my favorite stand with the LP605M. In addition to all of the fantastic features of the LP605, now we have the ability to use the stand as a monopod. The LP605M has a retractable monopod foot assembly on the underside of the stand that allows the stand to stay upright without the use of the stand’s main legs. There is an adjustment collar that allows you to lock the monopod fluid head into a static position, or you can loosen it for some pan/tilt flexibility.

LP605M Feet Extended

On the top of the stand is a removable mono/tripod head adapter that is referred to as a platform mounting adapter. This adapter goes on and comes off just like a conventional umbrella adapter. The top of the platform mounting adapter has a ⅜” male thread that you can spin your head right onto just like a conventional monopod. The stand also comes with a LP605-3 Female ⅜” to Male ¼”20 adapter for reducing the mounted ⅜” thread down to the conventional ¼”-20.

LP605M Adapter

Now the only thing about this stand that I would like to see change is the ⅜” inch thread on the top of the platform mounting adapter. If the top thread was a ¼”-20, then you would have the option of directly mounting a camera to the top of the platform mounting adapter and having a much larger surface area to secure the camera to. Having this larger surface area creates more stability for the camera. As it is now, if you wanted to mount a camera directly, you would have to use the LP605-3 adapter and that has a much smaller surface area to it than the top of the platform adapter. Having said that, there would still be a need for some form of thread adapter for mounting monopod heads. I think that it would be a great option to have a ¼”-20 thread on the top of the adapter and then include a bushing to mount the monopod heads onto.

I normally do not use a tripod when I am out shooting and do not want to always bring one with me on location for those “just in case” situations. I do however always have one LP605M with me that can pull double duty as a light stand or monopod whenever I need, so I never have to worry about it. I have my bases covered without the extra weight of a tripod.

LP605M Monopod 2

For the photographers out there that also do video work, the LP605M does a great job for static and panning shots. The fluid chamber that is the main joint of the monopod attachment is nice and smooth in its rotation. Not only is this feature good for video work, but it also works well for sports shooters that use a monopod attached to their longer lenses.

Overall, the LP605M is a perfect lightweight stand that can pull double duty as a light stand and functional monopod for location photographers and videographers alike. Once again LumoPro has knocked it out of the park and created a super versatile stand. LumoPro seems to be really good at coming up with multi-use equipment, the LightSwitch Speedlight Case and Modifier is a protector/controller/modifier in one attractive package, and now this LP605M with its light stand/monopod capabilities and various uses. What will they come up with next? I can’t wait to find out!

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Jayesunn Krump is an internationally published photographer and educator based in Portland, Oregon. With his extensive experience shooting indoor and out, working with all types of people, models, children, families, celebrities, and more, Jayesunn has been a working photographer and photographic educator since 2000. You can find Jayesunn’s work at

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