TJ’s Daily Blog #58- Tiahna and Luke

TJ’s Daily Blog #58

Tiahna and Luke

1/60 @ f/2.8 ISO 100
1/60 @ f/2.8 ISO 100

This image is from an engagement session with two friends of mine, Tiahna and Luke. Tiahna is a Wedding and Event Coordinator herself, so I am excited to be given the honor of shooting their wedding. We are all friends, so we had a lot fun, even though it was about 20 degrees outside. You can’t tell they were freezing= hardcore models.

We had just been “basking” in the afternoon sun (remember, it’s freezing outside), but by the time that we got to this location, the sun had started to dip below the trees. With the tree line blocking the warm light from our subject, I needed to warm up our subjects using a 1/4 CTO gel on the Profoto B1 head that is camera left. With a gel on the strobe, the light hitting Tiahna and Luke is closer to the warm light from the setting sun in the background. I only needed a 1/4 CTO gel, as opposed to a more heavy warming gel, because we were in the shade, blocked from direct sunlight. In the shade, my daylight balanced flash is already a little warmer than the ambient light. The lightly warming 1/4 CTO was enough when added to the light coming from the strobes.

Check out the Strobist website to learn more about gels and strobes!

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