Tj’s Daily Blog #57- Ducking and Running

The Daily Blog #57

Ducking and Running

1/50 @ f/8 ISO 800
1/50 @ f/8 ISO 800

Whenever I am shooting in the city, I find that some people are very serious about avoiding being in my shot. Whether they don’t want to be in my photograph out of self-consciousness, or they just don’t want to ‘mess up’ my shot, some people try pretty hard to duck out of the way. Some assume that they are less important than what you are doing, so they want to avoid drawing attention or being a disruption. Others are not concerned with your photograph at all, walking through the frame almost defiantly. I love to see the different reactions from both mentalities. It really is the people that make it interesting out there in the street.

The shot above is an example of someone really making an effort to avoid messing up my shot. Considering that I was shooting at 15mm, he couldn’t have known that it was just about impossible for him to avoid my frame. Often, attempts at avoidance just turn into awkward positions, and here it almost looks like he got hit in the stomach.

I was using a little bit of a slow shutter speed to show the motion of the valet drivers that were running by every five minutes or so. I shook a little too much on the shot below, but it was timing practice.

1/60 @ f/9 ISO 800
1/60 @ f/9 ISO 800

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