The Daily Photo #20- Carl Jones

The Daily Photo #20- January 20th, 2016

Carl Jones

1/160th @ f/9, ISO 160
1/160th @ f/9, ISO 160

Meet Carl Jones. Carl is always looking to have a laugh and is just generally a friendly person. If you’ve come to the shop, Carl will be close by to say hello. If you need help with anything, he’s there with a smile.

The key light in this shot is the LumoPro 22″ Beauty Dish, with a grid. Also, on either side of Carl there was a gridded12x36 LumoPro stripbox. The gridded strips help control the light from flaring the lens, and spilling onto the background. It does a perfect job outlining a subject on a black background.

1/160th @ f/9, ISO 160
1/160th @ f/9, ISO 160

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