MeFoto: A World in Color

MeFoto Be Colorful

MeFoto is known for good, sturdy tripods that come in various colors. But did you know about the other products MeFoto is offering? What about the SideKick 360? Or their cool new filters? Check out these products at our store here!  To showcase these products, we decided to do a high-key and low-key shoot in our Learning Studio.  In the shoot, we used the Bowens 1000 watt lights with modifiers.  These lights are built to last, with flash durations as fast as 1/1400 sec. and the ability to be portable with the Travelpak battery.

Who said filters have to be a boring accessory? The new filters Mefoto offers come in black, blue, green, red, and titanium. This product will brighten up your lens! The Wild Blue Yonder polarizers are perfect to get contrast on those bright blue-sky days and also to reduce reflections. This filter is also a circular polarizer that lets the photographer control the intensity of reflected highlights. The Lens Karma is the UV filter for everyday use. It has hardened glass that is made to protect your lens from the elements. Both these filters are made with a solid aluminum frame and 10 layers of coating. The glass used to create these filters is optimal because it allows light to move faster through it so it doesn’t cut any light from your lens!

1-125 sec at f - 11 ISO 400-3
ISO 400, 1/125 sec, f/11

When product shooting these filters, it was important to emphasize the color and clarity without catching the light in the glass and causing a reflection.  I wanted to showcase the polarizing filter by propping it up with the case it comes in.  For my set up, I had one Bowens 1000 watt light above the product at about a 60 degree angle with a LumoPro Stripbox with a grid.

1-125 sec at f - 8.0 ISO 400-2
ISO 400, 1/125 sec, f/8.0

Both filter images were shot with this setup.  I used a reflective white board under the product to catch the light. Being close to the filters, it was important to get the correct depth of field.  Because of this, I tried sticking with an f-stop above f/8.0.

1-200 sec at f - 8.0 ISO 400-3
ISO 400, 1/200 sec, f/8.0 (photo by TJ Hansen)

The SideKick 360 is perfect for those everyday smartphone users.  This stand stabilizes your phone to take clear shots and is perfect for Skyping your friends! It has the capability to fit on top of almost any tripod and its 360-degree joint allows you to tilt and change the angle of your phone. Did I mention it comes in 12 colors?  This product shot included two Bowens 1000 watt studio lights, one with a Bowens snoot and the other with the LumoPro Stripbox.  The snoot was placed at camera right with the strip box closer a little camera left and above.

Now, you may have already heard about Mefoto’s tripods, but these are perfect for travelers and those looking for a good value (and cool colors!). These durable tripods come in various sizes, the BackPacker, the DayTrip, the RoadTrip, and the GlobeTrotter.  The DayTrip extends up to 24 inches, but the great thing is, it weighs less than 2 lbs., it folds up to 9.4 inches, and can support up to 8.8 lbs. The BackPacker tripods are perfect for the mirrorless camera users. It folds up to be 12.6 inches and expands to over four feet. My favorite of them is the RoadTrip, which is one of the most versatile with one of the legs unscrewing to be a monopod. This one can support up to 17.6 lbs., which is impressive for such a lightweight tripod.  The GlobeTrotter is the biggest of them all, supporting up to 26.4 lbs.  Like the RoadTrip, this one also has a leg that detaches to become a monopod.  Both the RoadTrip and the GlobeTrotter also come in carbon fiber, which is a lighter, easier to carry alternative.

The product photo with all of the tripods was a little more difficult.  These required both Bowens 1000 watt lights, one to camera right of the tripod setup with a Bowens snoot set up at 3.0 power.  The strip box was placed slightly above the products and slightly camera left set at 2.5 power, similar to the Sidekick 360 shot, but placement of the products was more tricky with more tripods.  It was a little difficult trying to get the MeFoto name to stand out on all the tripods without blowing the name out, so with some adjusting of the lights, this was possible.  The combination of these lights created a very low-key, dark, sleek look that ultimately made the tripods shine!

1-200 sec at f - 9.0 ISO 400-3
ISO 400, 1/200 sec, f/9.0 (Shot by TJ Hansen)
TJ in shooting mode!

Come check out the MeFoto products in store today!  You’ll find the filters on a lot of our display camera lenses and the tripods on display!


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  1. I love your products! I just bought a tripod and I’m considering the filters next (in blue to match my tripod). I do wish the filters came in orange to match my Sony logo on my camera. Hint Hint 🙂

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