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Guest Blog: Shooting Jewelry with Daniel T. Jester

This a guest blog by Daniel T. Jester. Check out more of his work on his website One of my favorite things to do is leverage my skill set as a product photographer and help small businesses with their photographic presence. A business’s image identity ties directly in to their brand, but the challenge of […]

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The Daily Photo #10- Leica M3

The Daily Photo- January 10th, 2016. Leica M3 You have to know its quirks. You have to pay attention to it. You have to take into account all the things that it can’t do. But, when I picture a camera in my mind, I picture the Leica M3. I love the quirks and the limitations. No […]

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MeFoto: A World in Color

MeFoto is known for good, sturdy tripods that come in various colors. But did you know about the other products MeFoto is offering? What about the SideKick 360? Or their cool new filters? Check out these products at our store here!  To showcase these products, we decided to do a high-key and low-key shoot in […]

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