The Panasonic GH4 is Still the 4K Camera to Beat

The Panasonic GH4 is an anomaly among current cameras. It shoots 10 frames per second. It has a full set of video specs. It shoots 4K Ultra High Definition video to SD cards. It is light and small, yet weather-sealed. It is the size of a miniature DSLR, yet has some specs of a full size pro camera. It is a disruptive product. It has bucked the prevailing trends.

Magnesium alloy body. Rugged and kind of hardcore for a little camera.
Magnesium alloy body. Rugged and kind of hardcore for a little camera.

Some of the best video being produced is coming out of this camera, and it has changed how making professional looking video on a small budget is done. People that would never be able to shoot ultra high-definition video because of price or size/weight are now able to grab a GH4 and play in the big leagues. That what makes this a disruptive product. 2015-03-04 18-38-09
Be sure to check out Zack’s other videos on his youtube page.

A lot has been said about the camera and it’s performance and almost no one has said it better than the inimitable Zack Arias. His review on the GH4 is thorough and entertaining and is worth the watch for anyone thinking about moving into 4K video, switching to mirrorless, or if you just want to nerd out on gear.

There is a lot that goes into the decision of buying a camera and he covers a lot of the most common factors influencing buying into a camera system. Even if you are not planning on getting a camera anytime soon, it is worth a watch just to see the process that a pro goes through to be properly informed about his buying decision.

This is DEDPXL. It is good.
Go to DEDPXL. It is good.

You have to check out Zack’s blog at Not only is he a great photographer and reviewer, but an all around good dude. His blog has a ton of video, which is the reason for the GH4 quest you will see in the video… He is shooting video everyday now and he wanted the right camera for him. Simple as that.

We will have more original content shot on Panasonic’s range of mirrorless cameras soon!

Keep watching DEPXL and get the GH4 here!

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