March Photo Contest: And the Winners Are . . .

The March Photo Contest theme was INSPIRED BY LIGHT sponsored by Westcott, makers of the Ice Light. We asked you to send in photos that were truly inspired by light and received a ton of bright, flashy, illuminating submissions, and we have our winners . . .

Grand Prize: Westcott Ice Light

Winner: “Lightning Bug” by Kara McDonald


Second Place Prize: Westcott Modern Vintage Backdrop

Winner: “Ballerina on the Ropes” by Travis Dewitz


People’s Choice Prize: Westcott 40″ 5-in-1 Reflector

Winner: “Princess of Fire and Ice” by Donna Grass


Thanks to everyone who submitted photos, and a huge thanks to Westcott for sponsoring! We’ll be announcing the April contest very soon, so stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “March Photo Contest: And the Winners Are . . .

      1. eeeewww dumb response, I don’t buy it ;)!! “used light to their advantage…” so that’s the base of photography, and yes they all made a picture 🙂 !

      2. Kara’s photo definitely uses light painting to an awesome effect. And the star in Travis’ photo is the lighting. I guess that’s what I mean? Sometimes a photo can be good without specifically being good because of the lighting, if that makes sense? Anyway, I would highly suggest submitting to our next contest. The subject is a little more specific.

      3. I’m definitely not criticizing any of the the images here, just your way of thinking, sorry !
        “Sometimes a photo can be good without specifically being good because of the lighting” say a judge in a themed contest about light ??? I don’t get it… maybe you are trying to say that the winners have no good light ?

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