What Is the MPEX Experience?

What is Midwest Photo Exchange?

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Yes, we’re a family-owned, small business camera store. Yes, we were started almost thirty years ago in the basement of our owner, Stuart Appelbaum, who sold used cameras so that he could support his family while he earned his doctorate. Yes, we’re proud residents of Clintonville, Columbus, Ohio and take pride in being a local Columbus business. And yes, we’re a destination shop for pro photographers around the world.

So, what is the MPEX Experience?

We want this blog to be an extension of our store and the people who make Midwest Photo Exchange (a.k.a. MPEX) awesome. That doesn’t mean we want to use it to sell you photo gear. Because we aren’t just about selling photo gear. We’re about being part of a community: the photo community, the Columbus community. We’re about educating our customers. We’re about staffing our store with knowledgeable people who, unlike employees at big box stores, happen to be photographers and know what they’re talking about. We’re about making our customers feel like they’re part of a family, and not feel like they’re buying a car.

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Basically, this blog exists to spread the love. We’re going to tell you about what’s going on in and around MPEX, provide you with tips and tricks, highlight Columbus photographers and photo-related happenings around the city, and much more.

Knowledge. Enthusiasm. Connection.

That is the MPEX Experience.

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