This Week in the World: 3/24 – 3/29

This Week in the World looks at this week’s most interesting stories out of the photo world.

Nikon is expanding its DSLR manufacturing to Laos in an attempt to “reinforce its manufacturing and to reduce the costs associated with creating the cameras.” The new Nikon factory will produce “components of entry-level and mid-level DSLRs,” with final assembly occurring at Nikon’s Thailand facilities. (via PetaPixel)


Shutterfly is bringing Kodak to court to shutdown Kodak’s My Kodak Moments app, since Shutterfly purchased Kodak Gallery for $23.8 million last year, “claiming that the [My Kodak Moments] app is in violation of the terms of that sale, and demanding that it be taken down.” (via PetaPixel)


The International Press Telecommunications Council recently conducted a study that found the most predominant social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, removing metadata from photographs. See the study’s findings here. (via British Journal of Photography)


An amateur photographer recently auctioned 61 photos of The Beatle’s legendary 1965 Shea Stadium concert for £30,680 (about $46,600). (via DP Review)


Marketo, a marketing blog, reported that almost half of Instagram users shoot without using any filters at all, contrary to everyone who makes fun of Instagram users for “relying on those stupid-looking filters.” (via Pop Photo)


A sleuthing photographer used Craigslist, Facebook, and Stolen Camera Finder to bust the thief who stole his camera. (via PetaPixel)


Panasonic is reportedly developing new sensor technology that could seriously improve low-light performance. (via PetaPixel)

North Korea hardcore ‘shopped a photo of hovercraft landing on a beach. (via The Atlantic)


The Toronto Silent Film Festival combined silent film and Instagram in what may be the coolest marketing campaign for a silent film festival ever. (via NoFilmSchool)

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