TJ’s Daily Blog #64- Clintonville in Green and Grey

The Daily Blog #64

 Clintonville in Green and Grey

1/400 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/400 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/800 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/800 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/640 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/640 @ f/11 ISO 1600

As the winter grey continues, I took advantage of a couple of minutes of free time to walk around my neighborhood and shoot. Clintonville quickly started to quickly become a very simple palette of grey and green. It has been a very grey winter, but the little bits of green, gives me some hope for the coming spring.

I make it a habit to walk around by myself in Clintonville. The challenge is to see if I can make an image that I find interesting in some way, even around all the familiar sights. You become blind by familiarity. Walking around my neighborhood, with no goal besides taking pictures, allows me the freedom to shoot whatever catches my eye. Keeps your eye tuned up.

Gear Used:

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