The Daily Photo #50- Constant Companion

The Daily Photo #50- February 19th, 2016

Constant Companion


What I love about compact cameras is that you can carry them anywhere. The smaller the camera, the more likely you are to have it on you at all times. I am more aware of the photographs around me because of the fact that I am carrying this camera around.Don’t get me wrong, I like big cameras, too. Sometimes a heavy camera can help you be even more aware of the photo in front of you because of the size and weight of it. You can’t ignore it. So, don’t be discouraged if you only have a large camera. Carry it anyway.

About a year ago, I started carrying a camera with me everywhere and it changed my photography. I am not saying that having a camera on me caused me to attain any sort of mastery over photography, far from it. Although, I believe it did change the way I see. It helped me understand what my photographic tendencies are when I have a camera at hand. What made me pull out the camera to take a shot? Was it the action in the scene, the light, the colors, the lines, the faces in the crowd, the skeleton trees, the cloud formations… When I can’t help but take out the camera I know it is something I need to photograph, for better or worse. This is the kind of photo that, while not the pinnacle of photographic achievement, tells me about what I am looking for, and what I am seeing.

This may look like a mundane scene here, but I like the way the elements of the picture draw you in toward the person in the center. It sort of pulls you in with leading lines and the window gives us a nice framed out figure giving the image some depth. The orange of the wall contrasts with the colder blue outside, creating some nice contrast. The 28mm focal length helps maintain some foreground focus even when shooting wide open at f/2.8.

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I have been busy editing, which contributed to the lateness of this post, so I have more to come. See you later today…

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