TJ’s Daily Blog #51- It’s the people.

TJ’s Daily Blog #51

It’s the people.

1/200 @ f/8 ISO 1600
1/200 @ f/8 ISO 1600
1/600 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/600 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/750 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/750 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/640 @ f/11 ISO 1600
1/640 @ f/11 ISO 1600

That’s what makes me want to shoot pictures. I shoot street photography purely because I love people. They are so interesting to me. There are so many different paths, and so many different perspectives. Despite all the differences, when I really pay attention, I start to see how alike we all are. Everyone wants to be happy, and no one wants to suffer. We are all the same in that way, for sure. Because of that, I consider it a privilege to capture the in-between moments of people’s lives, when a million decisions added up to our crossing paths. I don’t ever want to intrude or disrupt, I just want to capture what happens out there.

I was using aperture priority with the ISO at 1600. At that high ISO, I was sure that my shutter speed would not drop below about 1/500th of a second in the shade, ensuring the prevention of motion blur.  The meter did a great job in some pretty challenging metering conditions and gave me no real issues. This was my last shooting day with the FujiFilm X70, and I am so glad I got a chance to shoot in the beautiful weather. The winter was starting to feel oppressive. I have more to come from this series.

Gear used:


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