TJ’s Daily Photo #43- Bill Schwinn

The Daily Photo #43- February 12th, 2016

Bill Schwinn

1/160 @ f/9 ISO 160
1/160 @ f/9 ISO 160

Meet Bill. Bill is the Sales Floor Manager at Midwest, and one heck of a nice guy. When you come into the shop, Bill will make sure that you get what you need. Bill has years of experience in photo specialty, and might even be more excited about your next camera than you are. That’s the kind of guy he is!

This was a straightforward set up. My primary goal was to create some separation from the background by making it slightly lighter than black, and using the gridded stripbox to create some edge-lighting. I used a beauty dish as the main or key light, keeping a little further away from Bill than I would for a feminine subject. The beauty dish at a about 3 to 5 feet from the subject gives us some shape and depth, rather than shadow-less “beauty” light.

diagram #43

Gear used:

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