The Daily Photo #44- The First 24 with the Fujifilm X70

The Daily Photo #44- February 13th, 2016

The First 24 with the Fujifilm X70

ferst day x70-4
1/90 @ f/2.8 ISO 3200, shot at the future new home of Midwest Photo Exchange. That will be the sales floor soon!!!

An advanced copy of the Fujifilm X70 Camera camera has been bestowed upon me for the next week! Which means that I now have less than a week to shoot it, get a feel for it and let you know what I think. This is a small, compact camera with the image quality and resolution of the aps-c Fujifilm X Trans sensor, while being the size of a point-and-shoot! Stay tuned for more impressions as I get more time with this rad little camera, and keep your eye out for a full review to come out sooner than later.

Right off the bat, I am a big fan of this camera. Very comfortable in the hand, great image quality, responsive and quick.There is no eyepiece, which could be detrimental in the long run, but, my overall first impression is overwhelmingly positive.I have really no complaints right now and I have not been let down with any aspect of this camera… yet.

1/500 @ f/9 ISO1600
1/500 @ f/9 ISO1600

I recently began using Auto ISO when I am shooting street photography. With Auto ISO you can set your aperture for the optimum depth if field, in addition to setting a shutter speed that will ensure to freeze all the action in the scene. Auto ISO just compensates relative to the light available, and leaves you with the chance to think about more important decisions- like where to stand and when to shoot.

1/500 @ f/9 ISO 3200
1/500 @ f/9 ISO 3200

Gear used:

1/500 @ f/8 ISO 2000. Offended by self-defense.
1/500 @ f/8 ISO 2000. Offended by self-defense.

See you tomorrow!


TJ Hansen

Photographer at

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