The Daily Photo #42- Convergence

The Daily Photo #42- February 11th, 2016


1/1000 @ f/9 ISO 800. Nikon D620 FX body with a Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 Di VC USD lens.
1/1000 @ f/9 ISO 800. Nikon D620 FX body with a Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 Di VC USD lens at 15mm.

Using converging lines is a useful compositional technique when shooting architecture, especially when there are multiple lines leading the eye toward the vanishing point. It almost feels like you are getting pulled toward the point of convergence, adding visual interest to a shot that is really very simple.

I wanted a deep depth of field so I was shooting at f/9. I was careful to not focus too far away which could cause me to lose focus in the foreground. The other aspect I was paying attention to was symmetry. I found after looking for a short time that there wasn’t much symmetry going on after all. Everything is just slightly off from being symmetrical, and I think the shadow in the lower right side helps contribute to the illusion of symmetry.

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2 thoughts on “The Daily Photo #42- Convergence

  1. I love this shot. I did a project in one of my classes using symmetry as the theme. I found that is was hard to make the shot interesting unless there was some asymmetrical element in the foreground or the background to offset the balance and the keep the eye roving in a circular direction, rather than just up and down or side to side. I feel like it is easier to take in the whole photo that way. The thing I love about this is that the asymmetrical element in your shot is actually right inside your subject and on the same side where the clouds are breaking apart. My eyes move from a static space on the left to a more dynamic space on the right. This is a plus since our eyes are trained to read left to right, so it is a natural movement for us. Very nice.

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