TJ’s Daily Photo #18- Jake Smith

The Daily Photo #18- January 18th, 2016

Jake Smith

1/200 @ f/9, ISO 160
1/200 @ f/9, ISO 160

Jake “The Illest Chad” Smith, is a man of many interests. He knows a bunch about a lot of varied things. This fact helps Jake be the ‘conversationalist’ on the staff. He can have a great conversation with you in-person or over the phone anytime, and he will always be able to relate to the stuff you’re into- because he is usually into it, too. He also knows the used camera market and everything about the new equipment. He truly wants to help people get the best gear that they can. And he will talk to you about it until the phone explodes.

This was lit with a 48″ LumoPro octabox as the key light in front of Jake. The octa was almost parallel to his body, lighting the whole front side of him. I had a 12×36 strip with a grid to the right, and a Profoto Magnum as a hair light. The trick was to get the stripbox to highlight the black phone so it would have some face against his face.

1/200th @ f/9.0, ISO 160
1/200th @ f/9.0, ISO 160


Gear used:

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