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Repost- Elinchrom + Anthony Passant: To-Go Lighting Kit

This article originally appeared via Elinchrom US > Articles > Anthony Passant Click the link above to read about Anthony Passant’s shooting style and the gear that he uses when he is on the go. From digital creations, portraits to lifestyle photography, Anthony Passant is a French photographer who likes to experiment with light. Anthony […]

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TJ’s Daily Photo #18- Jake Smith

The Daily Photo #18- January 18th, 2016 Jake Smith Jake “The Illest Chad” Smith, is a man of many interests. He knows a bunch about a lot of varied things. This fact helps Jake be the ‘conversationalist’ on the staff. He can have a great conversation with you in-person or over the phone anytime, and he […]

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How to Mix Ambient Light with Strobes: A Webinar by Profoto

After our post last week by our very own employee, Spencer, on his experience with balancing ambient light and strobes, we thought it’d be great to post a webinar brought to you by Profoto on how to mix these two light sources to get the proper exposure on your subject. Arizona portrait and wedding photographer, […]

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Diffusion Solutions From the Lighting Wizards at Lumopro

  Trying to find the right light modifier for you can be daunting- big or small, square or rectangle, beauty dish or octabox.   The way you modify your light says everything about your photography style, and there is a lot of choices out there. There is no right or wrong way to light a subject, but there […]

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