How to Mix Ambient Light with Strobes: A Webinar by Profoto

After our post last week by our very own employee, Spencer, on his experience with balancing ambient light and strobes, we thought it’d be great to post a webinar brought to you by Profoto on how to mix these two light sources to get the proper exposure on your subject.

Arizona portrait and wedding photographer, Jared Platt, goes through an in-depth tutorial on how to perfect balancing light, using the proper exposure for your background while using strobes on your subject.

Check out the video below!

Products you’ll see:

Profoto B1

TTL Air Remote

Large Octabox

Mega Umbrella Kit (used to direct light/block light)

Have a question about a product or want to check out what we have in our rentals department?  Come by the store today!



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