TJ’s Daily Photo #19- Mat Marrash

The Daily Photo #19- January 19th,  2016

Mat Marrash

By TJ Hansen
1/200th @ f/10, ISO 160

Meet Mat Marrash. He is such a walking database of photography knowledge, it’s hard not to become a better photographer when he is around. He might even be a cyborg.

Cyborg or not, Mat is one of the best people to talk to about film in  the whole country- and he is at Midwest Photo 5 days a week! To see Mat’s photography, check out his website here, and check out the Film Photography Podcast, which Mat co-hosts.

The lighting here is a 22″ LumoPro Beauty Dish as the key light, with a 12×36 strip to the right and a Profoto Magnum Reflector on the background. The beauty dish was a little further away from him than the typical beauty position, which is usually right above and in front of the lens.

1/200th @ f/10, ISO 160
1/200th @ f/10, ISO 160

Gear used:

Thanks, Mat!

See you guys  tomorrow!

TJ Hansen

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