The Daily Photo #7- Andrew Clark

The Daily Photo- January 7th, 2016

Andrew Clark

copyright TJ Hansen
1/160 sec. @f/6.3, ISO 160

Around Midwest Photo Exchange, Andrew Clark is a fixer. He fixes problems and takes care of the engine that runs the place. Never gets mad, and always has your back. If you see him gliding through the shop, tell him that he awesome. He is also a super talented illustrator, check out his Instagram here.

TDP Diagram #7
I love the way the blue paper contrasts with the overall gingery color of our man, Andrew.

This was a fairly straight forward setup, but one of my favorite modifiers of all time is the stripbox with a grid. The one I used is the LumoPro 12×36 stripbox. It is perfect for a soft, gentle light, with a nice fall-off, and shadow. The fall-off from the grid allows you to sculpt the shadows and really get some depth. With one stripbox and a grid, you can get a ton of different looks. Highly recommended.

The background is lit using the Profoto Magnum Reflector at a 5 on the zoom scale.  Profoto heads have a scale on the front end of the light, where the modifiers get attached, that allows you to dial in your light spread. It really makes it easy to control where the light is spilling and makes a really nice gradient.

Big thanks to Andrew. As usual, he helped me out at exactly the time I needed it!

Gear Used:

See you tomorrow!

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  1. These are fantastic little tutorials!(complete with shameless product placement) Would love to see some of these setups for those of us have yet to invest in this level of equipment and rely on off camera flashes, triggers, and modifiers too.

    Thanks again!

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