A Little Equipment Goes a Long Way

Every time I see a lighting setup, it’s always multiple strobes with various light modifiers.  In my head, I’m adding up the costs of each little piece of equipment and it doesn’t seem possible on a college budget, or any budget!  Your average everyday photographer, doesn’t have all this equipment because it doesn’t come cheap.

That’s why I wanted to post a webinar video that Tony Corbell did with Bowens.  I’m constantly wanting to learn how to maximize what I do have to create beautiful, unique images.  In this quick video, you’ll learn 10 different ways to use the same softbox.  In the video, Tony uses the Bowens Gemini 1000 and the 100×140 Lumiair by Bowens (with a Pocketwizard and reflectors).

If you’re looking to budget more, consider the Bowens Gemini 400 kit!

Check out the video below:



2 thoughts on “A Little Equipment Goes a Long Way

  1. Yet another advert! I thought initially it might be truly a little equipment, i.e.: a camera…

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