MPEX Experience, Tips and Tricks

A Little Equipment Goes a Long Way

Every time I see a lighting setup, it’s always multiple strobes with various light modifiers.  In my head, I’m adding up the costs of each little piece of equipment and it doesn’t seem possible on a college budget, or any budget!  Your average everyday photographer, doesn’t have all this equipment because it doesn’t come cheap. […]

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MPEX Experience

Behind the Scenes: A Fashion Shoot with Rag-O-Rama

This past week, I had the chance to collaborate with Rag-O-Rama for a night fashion shoot in Uptown Westerville featuring all Mac Group equipment. I used Bowens Gemini 400 lights, a Bowen TravelPak, Pocketwizard Plus III‘s for easy connectivity to my DSLR, and the Sekonic Litemaster PRO L-478DR. Never having done a fashion shoot, I found […]

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