The Daily Photo #47- Finding Light

The Daily Photo #47- February 16th, 2016

Finding Light

1/50 @ f/1/8 ISO 1600
1/50 @ f/1.8 ISO 1600


I am always on the lookout for interesting light. While at Due Amici restaurant, which is housed in a historic builing downtown, we noticed this scene in the old basement. A small, tungsten balanced LED light was installed into the ceiling, throwing light at a harsh overhead angle. A pipe was acting as a kind of gobo, casting that triangular shadow on the wall. A gobo is anything that you put between the light and the subject, often used to create shadow effects or to prevent light from hitting specific areas of the frame. In this situation the light and the gobo were already set up and ready to go, and all we had to do was shoot. I think the shadows add a graphic element to the photo that makes you look twice.

The aperture is wide open on the Tamron 35mm VC f/1.8, and it looks great. This is one of the few prime lenses on the market that has image stabilization. It is nice to know that the Vibration Compensation will help me get a sharp picture when shooting down around 1/50th of a second.

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