TJ’s Daily Photo #46- Ken Lewis

The Daily Photo #46- February 15th, 2016

Ken Lewis

1/160 @ f/9 ISO 160


Meet Ken. Ken is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Midwest Photo. He is our fearless leader in all things MPEX. Ken brought his extensive experience to Midwest some years ago now, and has had a huge influence on the store and what it is today.

Ken is easy-going and loves a laugh, but when it comes to business he is detail-oriented and all about the customer’s experience. Hwants nothing more than for every single person to have the best possible experience when they shop in our store, on our website, or at our Learning Studio. If an associate has a question about anything, they go to Ken for the answer. With Ken, you will either get the answer you need right then and there, or, at the very least, he will show you how to get the answer. He is what they call a linchpin- an indispensable part of the team that helps keep the whole ship together. Oh, and he isn’t sure what to do with his hands.


1/160 @ f/8 ISO 160
1/160 @ f/8 ISO 160

Gear used:

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