Webinar Round-up #1

Our favorite Mac Group brands are consistently putting out some of the best photo-related video content on the internet. For this iteration of Webinar Round-up, we wanted to share some of our favorite webinars from the likes of Profoto, X-Rite, PocketWizard, and more.

Profoto: The Beauty of Hard Light

MPEX-favorite John Williamson “demonstrates different styles of reflectors, including how and why to use them. Covering everything from a standard reflector to the beauty dish, John will discuss the different shapes and surfaces available, showing how to use them to their full advantage.”

X-Rite: Fine Art Travel Photography with Andy Katz

This webinar is perfect for photographers traveling this summer. In this video, Andy Katz shows how he “uses light, contrast, and color to tell a story of his travels and evoke emotion in the viewer,” specifically with the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport and i1Display Pro.

Cinevate: Basic Camera Movement

Another one of our favorite dudes, Victor Ha, “teaches you how to increase the production value of your film projects by adding simple cinematic camera movements” with Cinevate’s extensive line of rigs and sliders.

Sekonic: Perfect Exposure & Color in Landscape Photography

Joe Brady combines the Sekonic L-478 and X-Rite ColorChecker Passport to “get perfect color and perfect exposure when shooting landscape photography.”

Ilford: Creating, Editing, and Printing Black and White Fine Art Prints

Using a slew of Ilford papers, Epson and Canon printers, and Adobe Photoshop CS6, Joe Brady explores “how to adjust tonal distribution in an image and decide which type of paper will do the best job in conveying both the dynamic qualities of the photograph and the intended mood.”

PocketWizard: Remote Camera for Nature Photography

Did you know PocketWizard’s excellent line of radio triggers not only fires flashes but also allows you to remotely control your camera’s shutter release? In this webinar, Joe Brady “explains how he set-up a remote camera in his backyard to capture the beauty of some of the birds that frequent his feeders.”

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