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All photos by Adam Angelides

How to Create Natural Light Using Flash with Profoto Lights

One of the potential problems with using artificial light is that it can look just that- artificial. Check out this video on how photographer Adam Angelides uses flash to create the “natural light” look using Profoto’s powerful and portable monolghts and light shapers.

Adam demonstrates how we can use artificial light in a way that evokes the feeling of soft, warm, natural light- even when there is no “natural” light to be found. In my experience, the sun will not always cooperate when you need it to. A successful photographer will get the shot, even if the conditions are not optimum. So, when you need a beautiful golden hour look you have to know how to create it. This video gives some great examples of how to use artificial light to create some nice, natural looking light.

Adam also uses the High Speed Sync feature with his Profoto B1 lights, to get great flash exposures even in the brightest light. High Speed Sync allows the camera to sync at a much higher shutter speed than is normally available. The focal plane shutters of current DSLR’s do not allow for flash sync above 1/250th of a second or so. The High Speed Sync feature allows Canon and Nikon shooters to shoot with synchronized flash at up top 1/8000th of a second!

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