Why Canon EOS C100 Rocks

Canon EOS C100 is a perfect blend of functionality, power, and size. Canon revolutionized the video industry when the Canon EOS 5D Mark II became the go-to camera for photographers looking to give their clients additional video options, indie filmmakers looking for a camera that would capture high-quality footage without breaking the bank, and anyone else who always wanted to do video but never had the proper gear. Basically, Canon is the reason that “HDSLR video,” or at least how we think about it now, is a “thing.”

Canon upped their ante in the world of professional camcorders when they introduced their Cinema line of cameras. Starting with the EOS C300, then the C100 and C500, and now with the video-specific DSLR, the EOS-1D C, Canon has been making constantly forward movements in design and affordability with their video cameras. We were very excited when we became one of the only photo retailers in the region to be selling the C100, which we think is an awesome camera for many reasons. Here are some of them:

Canon EOS C100
Canon EOS C100

The C100 sports the 16:9 Super 35mm CMOS Sensor and the same DIGIC DV III Image Processor as the C300, its more expensive older brother. Combined, these two pieces of technology give the C100 an unprecedented dynamic range for a camera of its size and price. Check out this behind-the-scenes video of the production of “Bart,” a short film made exclusively with the C100, specifically where the production team lit an entire scene with the glow from a television set:

The C100 is EF-compatible, meaning you can use any Canon EF or EF-S lenses in addition to the CN-E Cine LensesThe ability to use any Canon EF, EF-S, or CN-E lenses means you will never run into a situation where you can’t have the right lens for the job.

Canon CN-E 85mm Cine Lens
Canon CN-E 85mm Cine Lens

The C100 offers video assist features such as dedicated Zebra and Peaking buttons. Make sure that your shot is never blown out or out of focus with easy-to-access view assist and video assist tools.

The C100 is really easy to put together. Just check out this tutorial:

The C100 utilizes HDMI output with embedded Time Code, making it even easier to sync video and audio.

The C100 has a $1,000 Instant Rebate running until June 30, 2013Save $1,000 on this awesome camera and have it FOREVER.

Not convinced why the C100 rocks? Join us on May 31, when Emmy-nominated Bruce Dorn will be discussing, among many other topics, why he’s been using the C100 since its release.

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