Staff Showcase: Kelsey

Here at Midwest Photo Exchange, we don’t just employee salespeople. We employ photographers. Good photographers at that. Staff Showcase highlights our employees’ photographs, including a statement from the photographer.

This edition of Staff Showcase features Kelsey‘s photography!

kelsey image 1

Kelsey says, “So most of my photography is inspired, if I can use that word, by the idea that there’s something a little bit deeper in everything than what I can see.  There’s more to the people I photograph than what they show, and there’s more to the landscape I see everyday than what I take from it.  Nearly everything I photograph are the things I’m around most often, my backyard, my best friends, my neighborhood.  So it’s an exercise in trying to capture what I haven’t seen in what I already know, I think.  Or it’s a cat.”

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You can find more of Kelsey’s excellent work at her Flickr page!

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